Hybrid Exit Signs


HES120 Hybrid Exit Signs is the ONLY patented Emergency Exit Sign to receive a 180 MINUTE @ 100 feet rating from UL Laboratories. Available in standard Green, Red and Black, and over 20 custom colors!

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LED Exit Sign that requires no battery

The HES120 Hybrid EXIT Sign is the only patented Emergency EXIT Sign to receive a 180 MINUTE @ 100 feet rating from UL Laboratories. The revolutionary design of the HES120 provides a quantum leap in safety, reliability and reduction of operating costs for both maintenance and energy consumption.

No Batteries
No Maintenance
  • NO MORE LABOR COSTS for battery testing
  • NO MORE REPLACEMENT of batteries
  • NO MORE DISPOSAL COSTS for dead batteries

The HES120 EXIT Sign operates on as little as 2% of the energy of other LED signs on the market because there is no longer a need to charge a battery. Our patented photo luminescent material collects and stores all the power necessary to illuminate the sign, for 180 minutes (3 hours), from the LED’s and surrounding ambient light.

Due to the dramatic reduction in energy consumption, CO2 emissions are also drastically reduced. The HES120 EXIT Sign uses low wattage LED bulbs which are brighter and use far less energy (therefore generate far less CO2) than both fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Made in the USA

US Patent 9,852,667 B2 and US Patent 10,134,310 B2

UL Certification - Notice of Completion and Authorization to Apply the UL Mark; File E476470, Vol. 1, Reference # J NEIHAUS, Project # 4786935250

  • Meets NFPA Life Safety Codes: 101 & 5000
  • Meets all building codes including IBC and BOCA
  • Meets or exceeds all Energy Star Requirements
  • The only sign with a patent to pass UL 924 Standard 100 foot viewing distance at 180 minutes (3 hours)
  • US Patent 9,852,667 B2
  • US Patent 10,134,310 B2 (11/20/2018)

ROI Summary Sheet

No value, either in lives or dollars, can be assigned to a safety device. However, everyone can agree, it is a win-win situation when the most reliable product is also the most financially advantageous! The table below provides a list of the most common exit signs on the market today. Regardless of which exit signs are currently being used, the payback of an HES120 Exit Sign is 12 months or less.

Financial Savings

Annual Operating Costs HES120 Annual Operating Costs Annual Savings ROI in Months
Incandescent - non-lithium battery powered signs $245.15 $0.20 $244.95 9.3 mos
Incandescent - lithium battery powered signs w/prorated disposal fee $260.15 $0.20 $259.95 8.7 mos
Fluorescent - non-lithium battery powered signs $186.64 $0.20 $186.44 12.2 mos
Fluorescent - lithium battery powered signs w/prorated disposal fee $201.64 $0.20 $201.44 11.3 mos
LED - non-lithium battery powered signs $171.45 $0.20 $171.25 13.2 mos
LED - lithium battery powered signs w/prorated disposal fee $186.45 $0.20 $186.25 12.2 mos


GREEN Savings

Pounds of CO2 Released Annually Per Sign
1 Year 5 Years 10 Years
Incandescent Signs 574 2,870 5,740
Fluorescent Signs 230 1150 2300
Hybrid Exit Signs 3 15 30