Only Exit Sign in the world UL certified for 3 hours (180 minutes)
Hybrid Exit Signs - LED & Photoluminescent Signs - US Patent 9852667B2
Hybrid Exit Signs

Hybrid Exit Signs (current generated LED/Photoluminescent) Exit Sign

The only Hybrid Exit sign legally being produced under US Patent Protection.

US Patent Numbers: US 9,852,667 B2 and US 10,134,310 B2 (11/20/2018)

Hybrid EXIT Signs

Photoluminescent Current Driven EXIT Sign
US Patent 9,852,667 B2 and US Patent 10,134,310 B2

  • NO BATTERY = Fail Safe System
  • UL924 Listed Hybrid EXIT Sign VIEWING DISTANCE 100 feet for a minimum 180 min
  • REDUCES maintenance costs almost entirely
  • REQUIRES less than 2.88 watts of power
  • SAFEST EXIT sign available on the market today

Hybrid EXIT Sign in Red
Hybrid EXIT Sign in Black
Hybrid EXIT Sign in Green

  • COMBINES the best features of LED & Photoluminescent EXIT signs
  • SLIM 1” profile manufactured from 5VA LEXAN
  • LIGHTWEIGHT at only 1.3 pounds
  • MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT EXIT sign available on the market today
  • OVER 20 year life expectancy


Single or Dual Sided, Standard or Custom Colors
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Hybrid EXIT Sign in Green
Hybrid EXIT Sign in Red
Hybrid EXIT Sign in Black

Why purchase the Hybrid EXIT Sign?

Traditional LED EXIT signs can be both effective and energy efficient. Unfortunately, most still rely on battery back-up systems. Studies show that batteries often fail at a rate of up to 35% of the time. Therefore traditional LED EXIT signs require extensive maintenance, including replacing batteries and testing. Today’s labor maintenance costs add up quickly and often exceed the initial cost of a sign within one year. Hybrid EXIT Signs operate WITHOUT BATTERIES, thus eliminating battery failure and ongoing maintenance costs.

The Hybrid EXIT Sign offers the most reliable safety EXIT sign for your new project or renovation.

With patented technologies - US Patent 9,852,667 B2, approved in 2017 and US Patent 10,134,310 B2, approved in 2018, Hybrid EXIT SIGNS have taken the best of both LED and Photoluminescent EXIT Signs and created a revolutionary new product.
No Batteries
No Maintenance

badge2Our sign houses the highest quality LEDs on the market today and focuses almost 200-foot candles onto a custom 1/8” injection molded photoluminescent panel, thus supercharging the material.

The HYBRID EXIT SIGN has exceeded the UL924 standards for EXIT signs yielding 180 minutes (3 hours) of quality visibility at 100 feet!

The UL 180 minute Certification guarantees a minimum expected period. Obviously, it should be much longer. This can be a lifesaver for heavily occupied areas, which can sometimes take hours to evacuate. The Hybrid EXIT Sign is Energy Star Compliant, as they operate on only 2.88 watts of power.

Hybrid Exit Sign in Black

In order to provide the safest and most reliable EXIT sign on the market today to your employees, customers, children and yourself, invest in Hybrid EXIT Signs which are POSITIVELY ENLIGHTENING!!!

Additional Product Information

General Details

The revolutionary design of the HES120 provides a quantum leap in safety, reliability and reduction of operating costs for both maintenance and energy consumption.

UL Approval Letter

UL Certification – Notice of Completion and Authorization to Apply the UL Mark; File E476470, Vol. 1, Reference # J NIEHAUS, Project # 4786935250


Meets NFPA Life Safety Codes, building codes, meets or exceeds all Energy Star Requirements and the only sign to pass UL 924 Standard 100 foot viewing distance at 180 minutes (3 hours)

Endorsement Letters

Take a look at our Endorsement Letters from CESO, College of Design, Hamilton County OH Development, St. Xavier High School & St. Ignatius School

Return on Investment

Regardless of which exit signs are currently being used, the payback of an HES120 Exit Sign is 12 months or less. View our ROI Summary Sheet to see the savings.